RIDICULUM International Art Residency

Front Residency
Located in a residential building, this setup offers artists a unique opportunity to engage in creative work within a cozy, family-like atmosphere, fostering a sense of community and homeliness.

Ridiculum is an international artistic residence situated in Leipzig. Housed within a residential building, two floors of this structure are exclusively devoted to the artistic residence. This unique setup provides artists the opportunity to pursue their creative endeavors within a familial atmosphere. The residence comprises three apartments: one dedicated to the lodging of residents, and the other two designated for various artistic activities and studios.

Benefitting from a sprawling garden, the residence offers ample space for artists to flourish and collaborate. This outdoor area has been the venue for numerous events including concerts, exhibitions, performances, and alfresco dinners.

For a decade, the building has been a private sanctuary for art, shared only for private events, exihibitions or concerts. However, in 2022, the decision was made to officially establish the Ridiculum Artistic Residence in Leipzig. Since then, it has evolved into a one-of-a-kind interdisciplinary hub for artists from all over the globe to hone their craft.

Every year, in September, the area surrounding the residence becomes the epicenter for Nacht der Kunst Leipzig — the city’s most prestigious art festival. On this “Night of Art”, Georg-Schumann-Straße is transformed into Leipzig’s grandest gallery. The essence of this evening is to foster a dialogue between artists and visitors. 

On this significant date, the Ridiculum residence metamorphoses into a full-fledged gallery, with every nook and cranny brimming with artistic endeavors. It becomes a congregation point for residents, friends, and art aficionados to celebrate this  festival.

At the conclusion of each residency period — January-March, April-June, July-September, and October-December — artists have the invaluable opportunity to showcase their artpieces in galleries. Accordingly, applicants are kindly requested to provide:

  • Project Proposal: When applicable, a detailed description of the project they wish to undertake during their residency. This should encompass the objectives, methods, required materials, and the envisaged impact. Any special requirements concerning space, materials, or equipment should be clearly stated.
  • Duration and Dates: Applicants should specify their desired residency duration and available dates.

In summary, Ridiculum is not just a physical space; it’s a living, breathing testament to the power of art and the communal spirit, uniting diverse artistic souls under one roof and promoting a rich tapestry of cultural exchange.


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Phillip Mangold



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