The Ridiculum International Art Residency (RIAR) champions artistic innovation and global discourse through its programs, focusing on contemporary art training and advancement. Emphasizing international collaboration, RIAR fosters intercultural exchanges and vibrant, transnational dialogues. As a pivotal force in art, culture, and education, RIAR enriches the global art scene by connecting diverse creative practices and promoting cross-cultural understanding.

Steven McConnell

Translations: Explorations of Form and Context

Preparing Exhibition Layout in Ceramics by Artist Helen Rogers
Preparing Exhibition Layout in Ceramics by Artist Helen Rogers:

Every year, in the month of September, around the residence, one of the most important art exhibitions in Leipzig takes place. This exhibition features the exceptional ceramic works of artist Helen Rogers.

A Tiny Drop of Blood
Irina Butkovskaya

A Tiny Drop of Blood


Nestled within the heart of Leipzig and just a stone’s throw south of the bustling metropolis of Berlin, the Ridiculum International Art Residency (RIAR) stands as a beacon for artistic exploration and innovation. As a hub of creativity, RIAR not only enjoys its prime location in one of Germany’s most dynamic cities but is also on the cusp of an exciting expansion. We are extending our reach to Altenburg, a charming city located just 40 minutes from Leipzig. This expansion into Altenburg promises to offer even more opportunities for artists to immerse themselves in diverse cultural landscapes, fostering an environment where creativity knows no bounds. Join us at RIAR, where the unique spirit of Leipzig and the fresh horizons of Altenburg combine to create a perfect backdrop for artistic endeavors and international exchange. Our organization boasts many exceptional contacts for art galleries and festivals. Depending on the project and the artist, the possibility for art exhibitions in Leipzig, Altenburg, and Berlin is possible.


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Phillip Mangold



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