Residency 2023

Leipzig has established itself as a prime destination for artists seeking inspiration and career growth. The city stands out for its vibrant artistic scene, marked by an abundance of galleries, studios, and artistic residency programs that foster innovation and collaboration among creatives from various disciplines.

Choosing Leipzig for an artistic residency is based on its unique environment, where the low cost of living combines with a rich cultural setting. This context allows artists to fully concentrate on their creative development without the financial limitations present in larger cities.

Galleries in Leipzig play a crucial role in promoting new talents, offering spaces where artists can exhibit their work and engage with the public and art critics. These institutions are essential for maintaining the dynamism of the local art scene, providing platforms for creative expression and artistic dialogue.

Furthermore, artistic residencies in Leipzig offer an unparalleled opportunity for artists to immerse themselves in an active creative community. These programs not only provide workspace and accommodation but also facilitate interaction with other artists and art professionals, which can open new perspectives and collaboration opportunities.

Leipzig has earned a reputation for its welcoming atmosphere towards artists, with a community that values experimentation and cultural exchange. This means integrating into an ecosystem where innovation and experimentation are the norm, allowing artists to expand their horizons and explore new avenues in their work.


Angaben gemäß § 5 TMG:

Phillip Mangold



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